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Actors Rolodex

Haley House Productions thrives on positive fun film experiences.

These incredibly talented actors all pass the vibe test.

They're professional, fun, and kind. Recommended for your next film shoot.

Email for contact information. 

Paloma Dominguez

Actress, Writer, YouTube Personality, Editor

A popular Youtube personality. Pam writes and shoots her own bi-monthly episodic called Latina Life. Other credits of hers include: The Specialist, Pirette, and The Twelve Step Strangler.


Hope Vissia


Represented by DEI Talent. Hope's credits include: Anitgonoish, Offside, All In Madonna, The Twelve Step Strangler, and No Internet. When she's not making films she loves working out, reading, criminology, and working as a nail technician.


Jonee Janolino


A veteran of stage and screen. Some of his credits include: Gonzo, The King and I, MouseTrap, The Settler, The Borough, The Twelve Step Strangler


Stephen Bishop


Represented by Coultish Talent Management. Credits include: Lights, The Dark Away, Pirette, The Twelve Step Strangler, Grandma Tales, Broken Pieces, A Barbaric First Date, and Story of April.


Bruce A Smith

Actor (UBCP/ACTRA), Composer

Actor and Composer with 7 credits to his name. 3 for acting, 4 as a film composer.


Kaliandra Capri

Actress, Writer, Director

Represented by Evangelista Talent Management. Credits include: Imitates Life, The Twelve Step Strangler, Fragile Seeds, A Barbaric First Date, The Gladiolus Blossoms, Pirette, The Settler, The Noose.


Lesley Anne Lee


A film, voice, and theatre actress. Some of her credits include: Nanaimo Bound, Mirror A Horror Story, Roses and Stitches, Get One Now, Splicer's Daughter, Dispossessed Theatre, My Fair Lady,


Kristin Forester


Kristin's credits include The Settler, The Twelve Step Strangler, and The Specialist as well as steady work in with the theatre


Shawn Alexander


A union actor with many great credits to his resume. Some of them include: Out The Window, A Lake of Slaves, Fearless, The Hardship of Love, The Twelve Step Strangler, and The Jacket. Shawn is also a talented ballroom dancer and athlete.


H. Neal Cropper


Screen and voice actor. Neal has done radio adds and his on screen credits include: The Gladiolus Blossoms and Hero Squad.


Scott Harlow


Scott's notable credits include: Black Hand, Hitler's Last Stand, Coming Home, as well as TV movies: Christmas For Keeps and A Bridesmaid in Love


Stephanie Brossard

Film and Theatre Actress

Stephanie is a film and theatre actress. Some of her credits include: Cannibals, God's Audition, Brother XII, Talking With, and The Importance of Being Earnest.


Blaine Nosworthy


An accomplished film, television, and theatre actor. Some of his credits include: Sidekicks, Right Place Wrong Time, The Settler, Muzzle of Bees, One Night Stand, and The Twelve Step Strangler. Blaine is an avid horse rider, athlete, and volunteer youth sports coach.


Hannah Dobie


An actress and model from Vancouver, British Columbia. Hannah's credits include: When Will the Story End, Honsla Rakh, Hero Squad, and The Gladiolus Blossoms


Spencer Rathy


Spencer's splits his time between acting and working at the hospital. His credits include: The Paradox of Needing, Beyond Control, The Twelve Step Strangler, Hero Squad, and The Gladiolus Blossoms. In his spare time he enjoys working out, rock climbing, and hiking.


Cody Brown

Actor, Model

An actor, model, and musician. Cody's credits include: Tradecraft


Chukwumuobi Obasi (Chuk)

Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

A multitalented film maker. Chuk's on screen credits include The Twelve Step Strangler, Family Fortune, Geo Pirates, and Homestay.

275554049_1810096829179306_6681615842001836380_n (1).jpg

Laura Burke

Actress, Writer

A Vancouver based actress and writer, Laura has found success in theatre, commercials, film and television. A few of her credits include: Macbeth, Two Rooms, Lilacs, The Dark Universe, Arrow, Can Someone Hear Me, Who's Name is It Anyway?, and Tradecraft

Actors Rolodex: Team
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