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Demo Reel

A Director's Reel from Matt Haley, the Owner/Operator of Haley House Productions

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Films to Date


The Noose (2019)

A coming of age story about a struggling closeted gay man (Miles Kehoe) and his overwhelming fears of coming out to those closest to him.

Short Film - Drama

The Settler poster.jpg

The Settler (2021)

All bets are off when a man in black (Blaine Nosworthy) comes to town looking for a card game with secret past and a score to settle.

Short Film - Drama, Western

Available on Youtube


The Twelve Step Strangler (2022)

When a masked serial killer starts targeting the members of the Alcoholics Anonymous community, no one is safe and only the strongest will survive.

Feature Length Film - Thriller, Horror, Murder Mystery, Whodunit



The Gladiolus Blossoms (2022)

After hitting an emotional and physical rock bottom, breast cancer survivor Anne (Hannah Dobie) must channel her inner strength and learn to love herself again.

Short Film - Drama, Empowerment

Available on Youtube


TradeCraft (2022)

When a high ranking government official is kidnapped and with time running out. Covert Operator Bell (Laura Burke) is sent in to rescue them before they're all killed. 

Short Film - Action, Thriller, Comedy

Available on Youtube


The Journeyman

Chapter 1: The Lookout

Part one of a new web series, this crime thriller takes place in a car as two hired guns wait to finish a contract.

Starring Jonee Janolino * Kees Longo

Available on Youtube

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Toxic Mascotlinity

A television comedy that follows Bree as she navigates her work, family, and dating life alongside Kevin. A foul mouthed, vape smoking, croc wearing imaginary dragon.

Starring Kalianda Capri * Jonee Janolino


The Simple Solution

Haley House Productions 2nd feature length film is a dark dramedy about one man’s desperate need to end his own life and the love it’ll take for him to fail.

Starring Blaine Nosworthy * Jonee Janolino

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Tradecraft Trailer (2022)

Our Films: Video

Only One You

A short video we made documenting the #ONLYONEYOU movement in the summer of 2021. Organized by Blossom House, a Nanaimo based eating disorder recovery program that specializes in body positivity, health, and happiness.

Our Films: Video

The Hardship of Love

In 2019 our team at HHP took part in the CineCentral 48 Hour Film Challenge. Where you have 48 hours to write, produce, film, edit, and screen a film. It's an exhausting grind. Bu the experience was a once in a lifetime beautiful and rewarding filmmaking experience.  

Starring Hope Vissia, Kaliandra Capri, Spencer Rathy, Shawn Alexander, and Nicole Clint. 

Our Films: Video
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