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About Matt Haley

Owner/Operator Haley House Productions

Matthew Stephen Haley (Born July 5, 1983) is a Canadian veteran, comedian, writer, and film maker. Growing up in Victoria BC, Matt was an energetic, adventurous, imaginative kid. His passion for writing and films started in high school when his family lived above a video store. After transitioning from Stand up comedy writing to screenwriting,Matt wrote his first script at eighteen (Abstract Minds) and immediately fell in love with it. In 2007 he joined the Canadian Armed Forces with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry with the intend on going to film school within a few years. Instead he deployed to multiple countries with tours in Afghanistan and Cyprus, as well as many domestic operations to fight fires and floods. He was released from the CF after serving with distinction for 10 years. Following that, he went to Vancouver Film School to study Film Production in 2016. But his studies were cut short due to substance abuse and legal troubles. After a stint in treatment and achieving sobriety, Matt has enjoyed a resurgence of emotional, spiritual, and professional success. In early 2019, Matt established his own independent film company, Haley House Productions and currently resides in Nanaimo, BC.

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